A vibrant star shows off its metallic light,
The blackest night that stretches on forever,
A crescent moon that lights the darkest places of the world,
And a sun that shines always like a smile on a six year old’s face.

There’s a sky that has no limit,
There’s a place where you can touch the stars
Where the clouds seem transparent, but there’s more . . .
There are stars that talk to me at night, lulling me to sleep with stories never heard before.
There’s a window at the bottom of the ocean.
If only I could get there.

There’s a place no one’s heard of where the silent wind walks across the sea
Leaving footprints so narrow you need a microscope to see.
Where the clouds are always there with tiny drops of hope.
So will you walk with me into the sky on a box of heavy clouds?
You have only failed if you failed to try,
So take my hand, walk with me into the blinding light of the sun.

By Jessica, 7th grade
[photo by lala_valse via flickr]

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