I’ve been skating for 2 years. My friends invited me to a skateboarding party, and I went down a ramp and fell and busted my butt and knocked my breath out and when I got up, I said, “I wanna do this.”

bear-clause-via-flickrSo, I’ve been practicing and practicing, and I can do an ollie to a double kick flip. Right now I’m on crutches so I can’t do much. But, if my mom would let me, I’d still try.I skate in my neighborhood and sometimes the Kay skate park. I love extreme sports because I like the adrenalin rush, the risk and the challenge.

To be good at skateboarding you need to be strong; you need discipline to practice the techniques you need for each trick; and most importantly, you need to be fearless. Sometimes I watch YouTube to see the skateboarders. I came up with my own trick by watching others. It’s kinda like a combined 360 with a kick flip and heel flip going into a nose manual. It’s pretty cool.

by Carlos, age 13

photo by Andy Walker via flickr

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  1. sharlaa

    hey well, i feel sorry for you…. i know how it feels to not skate anymore. yeah i am trying to learn to skate like a pro now.. yeahh welll i knwo you like it as much as i do .. it is so skatelarious huh? yeah well i love to skate to. yup welll oh any hey i like ur skateboard it is cool with the green wheels. mines are black and green….


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