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The Sword of Darrow is a young adult fantasy novel written by a father and son team, Hal and Alex Malchow. At the time they began the book, Alex was eight years old, had undiagnosed learning disabilities, and could not read at all. Alex created a set of characters and plot line, and together over a two-year period they wrote this book. The book is being published by BenBella Books and was released on June 7, 2011 (  To celebrate the release and to encourage other families to undertake writing projects together, the authors are sponsoring a scholarship competition based upon short stories written by a parent-child team.

Here is the contest info, all found on the website (


Who: Teams consisting of a parent and a child between the ages of 7 and 14

What: Amazing Kids! Short Story Contest, 2011 – Teams can submit a fictional short story to the Sword of Darrow Scholarship Contest. The short story can have no more than 7500 words.

When: July 20, 2011 until August 30, 2011

Where: All stories must be typed and double-spaced! Mail your stories via snail mail to:

The Sword of Darrow Scholarship Contest

2200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 102

PMB 290

Arlington, VA 22201

All entries must follow the following requirements:

Be a fictional short story

Be no more than 7500 words

Be typed and double-spaced

Entries will be judged by Alex and Hal Malchow, the authors of The Sword of Darrow.


First Prize: A gift of a $5,000 contribution to “College America”, a 529 College Savings plan. This plan allows for tax favored distributions for qualifying post-secondary education expenses for any accredited schools in the United States. Parent or legal guardian will be designated as account owner for the benefit of the contest winner. All distributions are subject to 529 plan rules.

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