Here comes the wind
blowing through my silk hair.
The wind is floating me up
in the sky and the feel of
clouds touching my injured body,
waking me up,
telling me Listen and
Look at yourself,
You’re fine,
No more injuries.

I’m being healed,
and I feel as if God touched my
heart and made me a beautiful dove.
Flying through the
baby blue sky,
now the
taste of
the wind
through my mouth,
and wind makes
my imagination
go enthusiastically crazy.
Oh! how
great the breeze feels
through my white
silky feathers.

By Theresa, 3rd grade

[photo by RogerTheriault via flickr]

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  1. Mike Stewart

    This is not half bad! I am a grumpy 51-year-old man who hates praising other peoples’ poetry, and I am not going to say that there are no mistakes here, but there are many passages in this piece that really speak and swing. “enthusiastically crazy”–totally cool. Theresa, keep doing this.


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