In a world of green moons
I see a bell made of bubbles
I hear the hiss of snow and
I feel happy.
My mind sounds like fish.
I swallow millions of bones
that taste like red tigers.
Fire eyes float around and
rabbits gulp bowls of
twisted starfish.
It sounds scary but it’s not.
It’s like a wave of poems,
and I think I will stay here
forever or until it rains rocks.

By Jacob, 9 years old
[art by Shellie Mitchell, uploaded via flickr]

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  1. rovan

    Jacobb!!! OH.MY.GAWD!!
    you are 9yrs old? SERIOUSLY?!??!
    NO WAY!

    this poem is amazing!i absolutely love ur choice of words! how u used animals & nature..its amazingg
    but, i cnt figure out what is the green moon???

  2. Megan

    Lots of great imagery here, Jacob. You make me see, vividly, that one person’s idea of peace may be completely different to another’s. I love the line “my mind sounds like fish.”


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