Sept. 30

Dear Queen Perfecta,

This is one of your peasants in Perfectville.  I am writing to you to tell you about your kingdom.  You probably remember from your visit two years ago that everything was perfect here in Perfectville.  Everybody was a friend.  There were perfect people and perfect children.  Nobody needed money.  There wasn’t any racism.  Everything was perfect.

Now it is a disaster!! Teens become pregnant. Children run away.  Racism has started.  Couples break up. Friends fight and break up!  This is definitely not perfect.

It all started when I walked inside a Kroger’s, and I was waiting in the Express Lane.  My milk was ready to be bought.  The man directly in front of me wanted his money back for his lottery ticket because the man said he wanted the winning ticket.  That was what he was supposed to get.  They made a deal that if he didn’t win the manager owed him a dollar, but the manager refused to pay him.

The manager dismissed the customer.  But the customer stayed.  The manager didn’t want to do this but he had to.  He called the bodybuilder to come and break his bones.  That’s when I knew Perfectville was becoming not so perfect.  My family and the world is in danger.  Next thing I knew the golden roads turned black.  Things were coming to a very bad end.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you any more bad things.

Your peasant,

Ashley, 3rd grade
[art by adrian johnson via grain edit]

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