by WITS Intern, Danielle Resh



If I had to pick the most important qualities for a person or an organization to cultivate, I would choose three things: a capacity for empathy, a hunger for personal growth, and the ability to be true to oneself.

At WITS, empathy means seeking to truly understand and support others. It feels like the warmth of an encouraging hand on a struggling student’s shoulder. It sounds like the silence of closed and patient lips waiting for the right words to arise. It tastes like fresh banana bread baked by WITS staff members to sweeten the early mornings.

At WITS, personal growth means constantly working to improve ourselves and ensuring that our actions and values align. It looks like stacks of parent and teacher evaluations, each one carefully read and considered. It sounds like hands grazing walls covered with art and writing as we roam from classroom to classroom, seeking new ideas. It feels like a child’s sweaty palms as she overcomes her fear of public speaking and reads her poem aloud.


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One Response to “The WITS Family: Bettering Others, Bettering Ourselves”

  1. Pansy Gee

    You are an incredible young adult. Your observations and the way you are able to express them show a Maturity that is beyond your years.
    In the short time I knew you, I saw the empathy in you that was written about. And you nailed this same environment in the people at the heart of WITS Houston–Robin Reagler and Jack McBride.


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