I don’t want to see killing.
I don’t want to touch blood.
I don’t want to hear suffering.
I don’t want to smell dirt.
I don’t want to taste rot.
I want to see kids playing in their yards.
I want to taste spaghetti.
I want to smell flowers.
I want to touch the clouds.
I want to hear butterflies sing.
By Daniel, 6th grade
[photo by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton]

7 Responses to “To Hear Butterflies Sing”

  1. Timothy Hamilton

    Thank you for giving me attribution next to my photo, as required by my Creative Commons license.

    Thank you, and thanks for using my photo.

    In addition, flickr has a rule that there should be a link from the photo itself back to the original webpage of the photo on flickr.

    • Kristina McDonald

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention Timothy. A link has been added to the picture.


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