I’m sorry
I was never too nice to you
Running after you in the hall
Stomping my foot to scare you

It never occurred to me that someday
your time would run out
And now you’re gone

I thought it was okay
Since you hissed at me
And I would make it up to you
Or at least I thought I could

I was going to make it up to you
The day we put you to sleep
There wasn’t a shudder
Not a blink
When you passed

Just the vet,
who said
“She’s gone.”

Two words
That brought on tears
And it seemed
It was those words
That stopped your sides moving
That made your beautiful fur seem dull.

And you were gone

And you weren’t there

And there was no time to make it up

And I’d never see you again

No gray fur
Flashing down the hall

No green eyes
Liquid pools of beauty
Staring at me from the couch


It didn’t set in
Until I got home
And then I cried
And I missed you
So much

And I hated myself

And now you’re gone
And I never made it up to you
and I’m sorry

By Morgan, 4th grade

Drawing by pigpogm via Flickr

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