One might look at a tree, a plum tree or an oak, and think, “How boring trees are, just sitting about like they do. Let’s get a colorful flower instead.”

Really trees were once a civilized yet free and running people much like ourselves, but more lordly and graceful. Yet as the years passed trees grew older and creaky. Then we came, and trees had a perfectly good reason to clump together into forests and stay perfectly still. All except for their swaying branches, which cooled them on hot days. Still they hide from us, now covered with moss and brown from years of standing. All their fine jewelry has turned into leaves.

The trees are nothing like what they used to be, but some still retain their ghostly faces.

By MarySuna, 4th grade

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  1. John Matthews

    I’m flattered that you like my image, but please link to it in the proper fashion via Flickr or remove it. It is inappropriate to copy my image without payment.

    • Kristina McDonald


      We did have a photo credit and external link to flickr, and I have added a link from the picture as well directly to your flickr image. Are there other steps that we need to take to link and credit properly? Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


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