After Richard Skelton’s “Stones”

On a cool and foggy night there is not a sound around the downtown area.  It is very damp.  There are a few trees planted outside that begin to chat about how they wish they were somewhere else, a place where the wind can blow through their leaves and many animals would live and play with them or on them.  They mourn how no one pays them attention.

As the younger trees talk, elder trees say that this is a good life living here, for we have good, cool temperatures and good supplies of water.  The elder trees explain that when some of them were just seeds great winds and birds carried them around until they came to a stop, to a permanent home.  The younger trees listen to the elders and their stories.  The younger trees then say that when they produce seeds they would want the seeds to travel on to other places.

When the trees stop talking, some birds stop to rest on their branches.  They talk to the trees about how other seeds journey to different places and adapt to new weathers and temperatures.  The birds explain that some seeds are not successful in their journeys.  Some die of heat or some other birds or creatures eat them.  After the birds talk, some trees realize that they are fine, fine where they are, but there are still trees who would want their seeds to journey.

As the younger trees get older and the elders die, some produce seeds, which go on journeys.  Some seeds travel to hot places, cold places, damp and humid temperatures, and sunny areas.  The seed producers find that later, after the seeds’ journeys, some made it to a better place while others died because of winter’s breezes or summer’s barbecue.

by Myron, 8th Grade

[photo by Steffe via flickr]

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