My hair
twisted and
cold like the wind,
soft like a feather
itchy like a dog.

My skin
turns black
in the sun,
My stomach is
My legs and
are dark,
mosquito bites cover
me from
head to toe.

My eyes
are brown like
my skin,
My eyes
turn red and pink
can roll to the
back of
my head,
shape of a lemon
they move as people

My mouth
soft songs,
sour lemons
shouts mean words,
My teeth
are small
and white
like a new crayon.

My ears
hear bad talking
wear colorful earrings
listen to good
stay clean.

Under my skin
presents make me happy,
when babies smile
good grades.

When I get yelled at
I cry
when my sister gets whippings
when I fall.

By Ijahnae, 4th grade
[photo by kkelly via flickr]

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  1. Linda Jacobs

    while reading this I was anticipating that the author would be about 8th or 9th grade. Fourth? Just amazing!

    I love how you describe yourself and almost cried when I got to the line about your sister.


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