Under the sky I see
clouds floating past
me like angels.  If
I am still and quiet,
I hear wind rushing
past me.  When I
look up at the sky, it
is usually because
I need to get my mind
off of something.
Sometimes I imagine
the clouds are dogs,
cats, or other  things.
If it’s nighttime I look
at the stars and make
up constellations.  It’s
pitch black and the
white stars shine like
diamonds and my
favorite thing to do
under the sky is to
watch the stars
float right by me.

By Kendall

[photo by thekittykat via flickr]

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  1. LisaNewton


    I want to use this lovely poem in a blog post I’m planning, but I’m confused. Is Kendall the author or Robin Reagler?

    • Robin Reagler

      Hi Lisa, Kendall is the author of the poem. I (Robin) am an administrator with Writers in the Schools. Kendall is one of our students. We switched template on the blog this week, and I agree that it’s confusing. Next time you visit, we might have a different one!

      You’re welcome to use the poem, as long as you credit Kendall and WITS and link back to the blog. Thanks! Robin


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