What are you? I heard them say.

I am a twist

Though the lynx may play

In Neptune’s garden

With a jade mystery

The lilacs will stay

With an awful beauty

A tunnel to the outskirts

Filled with dragonflies

An arguing headache

With a colorless zero

Or a color blind fire

Sleepwalking down the skyscraper

And striding through the Autumn

A crusade

On the horizon

In a negative universe

My sire on the asteroid

With a holy funk

Like a clown in paradise

A flame to the thief

Echoing quicksand

And a clout of fire

A siren is calling

A downhill struggle

It must be gone

In the ruins

A dandelion plays


By Richard, age 17

6 Responses to “Untitled Poem by Richard”

  1. ...deb

    I was taken with the tag “self-portrait”…perhaps this could be titled, after all.

    The language of self-portrait would engage even more (hard as that is to believe!)


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