H – like a fire, raging up to the top of
a tree, charring all in its way.
Or two boxes, open on one end. Or
maybe two open boxes on fire in a tree?
E – a camera flashing shots of something
worth remembering. Or a dog with
red eyes, favoring the number four.
N – upside down U, spinning on one
axis, no one can tell what it is.
A sharp stab of a needle piercing the skin,
but green with rust.
R – a strange letter, but always busy
working away at something important,
like my dad, dangerous and confident.
Y – an undecided letter, it morphs into
two categories. A building made of stone,
but oversaturated in hue, turning it blue. Or
it could be a tree, a pine sapling,
lost in an overcrowded forest.

By James, 7th grade
Photo by Sea Moon via Flickr

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