My name is Aline. I am from Mexico. I leave behind my father and my brother, too. I leave behind my adventures, like the day I went to the countryside. I put many tin cans in a row, and then I threw rocks at the tin cans, and they all fell down.

I leave behind the candies, the sweet smell of the candies. I miss my father and my brother, too.

I leave behind a beautiful yellow bird. The bird is mine, but the bird has to leave to fly back to his home. I love this bird so much. I want to take him with me forever, but that is impossible.

I leave behind my favorite food, chilaquiles con crema. Mmm, I love it so much!

I leave behind the air where I breathe when the stars shine so much the sky expands into blue.

I leave behind my house and both my parents and my cousins I play with. We play, running, jumping, and holding hands. We are the best friends in the world. I leave behind my best friends, Sarahy, Adriana, and Lilian. Lilian and I once went to the same school, and we would run together holding hands.

I leave behind my toys. I leave behind my doll, the one I play with every day on my bed, dreaming that I am the mama and she is my baby.

I leave behind so many other toys. And also my other friends. Their names are Rosario, Pilar, and Asucena.

I leave behind the flowers in my backyard. There, in my backyard, I play with my many cousins and my many friends. We play the cachadas. We play hide and seek.

By Aline, 7th grade
[photo by Jamuudsen via flickr]

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