When I was a child in Bellaire
Just eleven years old
I remember how I used to sit on my old,
Yellow pillow in my tiny room
Just after the house went quiet with anger
And watch the world go by.
I could see all the cars passing,
All the people with their kids strolling the street
The horizon eating up the beautiful sunset colors.
Through the circle of my window
I felt peace.

Leeor, 5th grade

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  1. pauline

    I like the way the lines break unevenly . The form of your poem follows your thought, emphasizing your meaning.

    my favorite line is: “The horizon eating up the beautiful sunset colors.”

  2. ...deb

    You know, I usually get confused by the children’s ages. This time I am astounded at the adult voice, that the wrier is only in 5th grade. Recalling the time when they were 11. Astounding. And sad.


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