Plants start to grow
The sun is rising, climbing
reaching to the top of the mountain
Lava erupts
Drops of rain fall
digging a hole, making it deeper
Stars fall down from the galaxy
Leaves land on the ground from trees
The world turns gray
The sun starts to shine
Music is all around, birds start to sing
The Earth starts to melt
My pencil boils, the world blossoms.

By Selena, 7th grade


[photo by worthythelamb via flickr]

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  1. rovan

    omg! selena! i LOVE this poem! what inspired you to write this poem? what did u mean when you said, ‘Drops of rain fall
    digging a hole, making it deeper’ ??

    great jobb!! im an 8th grader and i CANNOT write a poem. except if im feeling something strongly then i have to find a way to vent :]


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