rust-earth-sky-by-citaliI am from a country with very little
Where people work hard for a living.
I am from a flexible mother
And a firm father.
I am from a second grade classroom
With discipline and very few memories.
I am from a backyard with growing vegetables,
A place of hope and hunger.
I am from a kitchen table with the same type of food every day –
Rice and boiled eggs.
I am from a picture with 4 brothers and 2 sisters
All under one roof.
I am from a memory of jumping rope. Jumping rope
Is what you do in your spare time.
I am from a traditional family who goes to church every Sunday
Even on weekdays because we have strong beliefs.
I am from a migrating family coming to America to
Find freedom and life.
I am from a drive-through window and going to Jack in the Box
Where the curly fries are good.
I am from a beautiful school with so many people
And where the teachers are so nice.
I am from the parents who did not get an education
So they expect you to do your best in school.
I am from loving to play tennis
Because the game is one-on-one.
I am from a nice room with rice chicken
Soup whenever I am sick.
I was once a sad person but now I am very happy and
Grateful for all I have.

By Nga, 12th grade
[photo by citali via flickr]

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