Amy Williams (center) with colleagues DeAnna Murrell and Pansy Gee at summer writing camp.

Amy Williams (center) with colleagues DeAnna Murrell and Pansy Gee at summer writing camp.

Amy Williams has been working with WITS for five years.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with her again this year at the Summer Creative Writing Workshops.  This summer Amy is returning as the site supervisor for our central campus at Annunciation Orthodox School, where she teaches fourth grade during the school year.

She cites that the joy of working with WITS Program Manager, Jack McBride, and Associate Director, Long Chu, as being among the many reasons she loves to work with WITS.

Their support and inspiration are part of what makes WITS summer camp so successful and fun.  Working with WITS has opened new opportunities for creativity in teaching writing.  Every year I look forward to teaching at summer camp so I can learn from WITS writers.

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  1. pansy gee

    “Working” is not the right verb in describing being colleagues, teammates,and partners with Amy and Deanna and Jack at the AOS campus. Depending on the day, the verbs may change. Some days planning; another day may be designing and creating; and another may be thinking and composing. What ever the vocabulary, one would never find boring amongst the words. I have worked at about 15 of the SCWWs. The writers and teachers have always been amazingly gifted. This year was my first year as a site supervisor and found it a wonderfully fullfilling experience getting to know the parents, children, teachers, writers, Long, Robin, and Karen in a closer relationship. It was a summer job that was like a vacation! pg


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