I am from toys,
from turkey and chicken.
I am from the garage.
(Relaxing, peaceful
I hear the birds singing.)
I am from roses,
beautiful and colorful
Christmas dinner I
as if I made it myself.
I’m from Christmas and being smart,
from Elvis and Isis.
I’m from liking pizza and always having someone to talk to,
from do your homework and be good in school.
I’m from Catholicism, we believe in God and
the tradition is to go to church
I’m from Houston, Texas, Guatemala and El Salvador,
tortillas and rice.
From my great-great grandmother who
is the image of the family
to my grandpa’s wife who is not really my grandma.elvis_wallpaper1024_1.jpg
Under my mom’s bed there was an
album of pictures;
they all had smiling faces.

by Carina, 3rd Grade

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  1. Alina Sharon

    Lovely. I loved the way you found yourself even in the considerably paltry things. You’re right, we do come from the smallest and seemingly commonest of moments.


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