I am funny and smart.
I wonder what I will be.
I hear airplanes going to China
I want to race a car
I am funny and smart
I say I believe in good.
I dream about suns.

by Justin Sun, Kindergarten

12 Responses to “Who I Am”

  1. trickling rain

    that is a great poem! good job justin! keep working harder and be creative!

  2. Charya Jayaratne

    Am glad that the up and comming generations are given such an oppotunity to show thier talents,…reading what this yongster has written.gives me the courage that this world can be a better place!….I wish Justin Sun the very best!….hope to read more fantastic poems!

  3. Pae pae

    I the one used to make a new life,but without knowing me how can I make it.Without a dream and hope,there’s no one like me unknowing who am I.

  4. shay

    I like that this site gives kid a chance to be interested in Poetry. i love to read and i think this might be my new favorit sight

  5. A inspired poet, year 6

    That is soooooooooooooo amazing, by a kindergarten kid !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O


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