The trees sway among the soft wind
Swaying and moaning across the grass
With a blow of soft breath
It flows with great silence
Through the barren of calmness
Opening through the forests of trees.

It moves across with great silence
Blowing the face of each breath
Through the endless prairie of grass
Of great, strong blows of wind
With great ease and calm,
It blows among the trees.

The wind sways through the silence
Offering peace and quiet to the trees
With a soft whistle of its breath,
It glides across with calmness,
Continuing its journey among trees
And coolness to the grass.

The children run on the grass
With laughter, not silence.
They climb the trees.
White wind blows with light breath
Through the valley of calmness
And with itself, the wind.

When anger arouses the wind
It does not flow through calmness
Nor does it blow across with silence.
No more is there a soft breath.
It blows down the trees
And shivers the grass.

When the howl of breath
Screams through the trees
The green, frightened grass
Is shocked to silence.
No longer does the wind
Provide the world with calmness.

No more is there a breath of silence
Through trees and grass.
No more calm­—only an angry wind.

by Anh Mai, 7th grade

[photo by gunnisal via flickr]

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