Winning is giving your best throughout the whole tournament
even if you fall short of the championship.
Winning is having two best friends
even if they hate each other sometimes.
It is pitching a no-hitter
even if your team had the no hitting.
It is winning a war
even if the soldiers don’t come back.
Winning is winning.

By Raphael, 5th grade

[Photo by gamestooges via Flickr]

5 Responses to “Winning is Not Everything”

  1. Christine Mojica

    Rafe, this is great. You are such a fine young man with a loving heart. Keep up the good work and it will all come back to you in a good way. I’m proud of you. Ms. Chris Mojica

  2. Terri Wang


    You are a bright, young and talented gentleman (with great parents)! Congratulations and keep up the awesome work!

    Sam & Terri Wang

  3. ann cheng

    Rafe, I’ve heard so much about you and you’ve made your parents very proud! I hope you keep writing since you’re definitely talented. And also hope to meet you someday!


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