Here is a list of the amazing young WITS writers who performed at The Menil Collection on Tuesday, May 13, 2008:

Maria Aguilera
Mohammed A. Al-Ali
Alice Alsup
Collin Brant
Shantricniece Brewster
Ariel Brigham

Sarah C
Leslie A. Campos
Yolanda Canales
Leah Chavez
Lauren Cherry
Miriam Connor
Yessica Contreras

Sergio De Paz
Daniel Echeverri
Janet Flores
Alex Fuentes

Juan Garcia
Rafael Garcia
Tommie Garcia
Jake Garrison
Luke George
Elizabeth Gibson
Alyssa Gomez
Paul Gonzalez
April Grant
Linda J. Gutierrez

Elissa Hakemack
Javanti Hall
Nash Haydon
Rebecca Herd
Michael Hernandez
Josie Herrera
Tyrell Hines

Justin Jackson
Niara Jeffery
Sherri Jiles
Courtney Jones
Josselin Joya

Katherine Kelley
Michelle Landis
Naftali Lazaroff
Johana Lopez
Anna Luna

Henry Maldonado
Eleni Markantonis
Homero Martinez
Bria Moore
Gabriel Morales
Victoria Moreno
Salvador Munoz

Sarina Neal
Amber Nelson
Kevin Nguyen
Gregory O’Brien
Montserrat Olmos
Yovanna Ortiz

Dillon Patterson
Sirena Pena
Yvonne Pham
Parris Powell
Esthefany Primero
Itzel Pulido

Luigi Ramirez
Jazzmin Readeaux
Diego Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez
Ruby Rosales
Carter Rowland
Brenda Rubio
Daniel Rueda
Madelyn Ruiz

Juan Salas
Karen Sanchez
Wesley Singleton
Shane Sluder
Geoffrey Sockwell
Cesar Torres
Oneida Toscano
Michael Tran

Taha Usman
Karen Vargas
Robin Warner
Maya Wesley
Andrea Wirt
Floricele Yanez
Raina Zhang

8 Responses to “Winning Writers, Grades 5 – 12”

  1. shantricniece

    Hello I was one of the winning writers and I wanted to know I could I could I get a copy of my poems that I wrote In the 9th grade?

  2. Floricele Yanez

    Hello I was one of the winning writers and I wanted to know I could I could I get a copy of my poems that I wrote?

    • wits

      Let us know which reading, what year, and the school or program. We can look for your poem.

      • Floricele Yanez

        I don’t remember the name of it. But it was in the year 2008 in Stevenson Middle School.


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