Oh, rise, my king!

Your wings are as big as a gold and silver crown.
You reach up to the white and blue sky.
You soar between two white mountains.
You fly down through the clouds.
Your eyes are pretty diamonds in the sky.
You have a beak that is as strong as a silver needle.
You have feathers that are prettier than white moonlight.
You know what is wrong and what is right.
I will protect your lovely pointy beak and your
shiny brown tail. I will bring you food and
water from the stream. I will listen to your bird
language. Oh, wise king of the birds!

by Liza, 2nd grade


art by James Pearson

No Responses to “Wise King of the Birds”

  1. whypaisley

    second grade!!!!! oh my goodness,, can you imagine the verbal prowess if someone just had a sliver of time to devote to her!!!!! bravo!!!!!

  2. blackeyedsusan

    Amazing! May I ask the poet for permission to share her work? I’d love to share this with a group of peers her age.

  3. easywriter

    This reminds me of the style of writing one might find in a book called “A Fair Stream of Silver” by Ann Moray. She has retold tales of Celtic Lore and Myth and this magical use of language would fit right in.

    A lovely piece that praises birds and nature.


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