ishaphotowanita-purplesongscanfly.jpgToday the New York Times published a great story about Purple Songs Can Fly, an organization founded by Anita Kruse that helps young cancer patients write, record, and produce original music. Writers in the Schools collaborates with Purple Songs at Texas Children’s Cancer Center. Both WITS and Purple Songs are part of the Arts in Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Hospital led by Carol Herron. You can read more about the collaboration between WITS and Purple Songs in an article by WITS Writer Marcia Chamberlain here.

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  1. cornelia calder

    I live in New York City and would like to find out if there is anything similar to the Purple Songs Can Fly program here. Any information would be appreciated. With thanks, Cornelia

  2. wits

    I don’t know of any other programs like Purple Songs, but I will ask Anita to make sure. Thanks for your comment.


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