WITS Writer and Slam Poet, Loyce Gayo

If you’ve ever witnessed a slam poetry performance by our Meta-Four team, a crew of 13-19 year-old WITS students with a desire to be heard, you know that there is a magical quality to the energy they expend on stage.

Performance poetry is an opportunity for students to empower themselves, to use their bodies and their voices to create an artistic moment that represents their particular vision of the world. Here at WITS, we’ve seen first-hand how these students grow as they perform, and we’d like to give even more students that opportunity.

One of our most exciting new adventures is our new partnership with the Salvation Army Young Adult Resource Center (YARC). The YARC connects homeless young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 with housing and other means of support, including meals, respite, job coaching, recovery coaching, tutoring and non-traditional educational support.

WITS writer and slam poet, Loyce Gayo, will spend 12 weeks introducing performance poetry to these young adults. Loyce hopes the project will inspire curiosity in her students, a curiosity that leads to new perspectives.

“If you are able to look at anything in a different light,” she says, “you can approach your [personal] vision in a different light.” To Loyce, curiosity is the root of critical thinking. Helping her students consider new possibilities is the first step in contributing to their overall confidence and future success.

Loyce is excited about incorporating popular music into the classroom, using the complicated and nuanced work of popular rap albums to help her students connect with performance poetry, and gain enthusiasm about creating their own.

We will be checking in with Loyce in a few months to share the results of this new program.

About Loyce

Loyce Gayo is a Tanzanian-born slam poet, singer, teaching artist, and activist currently based in Houston, TX. Gayo is profoundly influenced by her experience in the African Diaspora and uses her craft to celebrate the journey of a people dispersed. She also uses her voice to advocate for the empowerment of marginalized people by supporting local efforts and organizations. Gayo was the slam champion of the UT Spitshine poetry slam team, which won the 2014 Collegiate Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI). Her work has been featured on Button Poetry, Write About Now, Badilisha Poetry, and PBS. She teaches creative writing for Writers in the Schools, Houston.

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