Congrats to our WITS Digital students from Kashmere High School! Earlier this month, they competed at the HISD Together with Tech conference alongside 44 other student teams.

The conference was created by HISD to explore the impact that technology has made in the classroom, specifically through their initiative, PowerUp, which brought a laptop to every student in the district. Students presented a variety of projects, including digital animation, mobile app design, and more.

As finalists, our WITS Digital students were selected to share their project with Microsoft and take a private tour of the office in celebration of Digital Learning Day.

WITS Digital is an initiative held in partnership with Histrionix Learning Company. The innovative program combines writing and game-based technologies, bridging the process of writing with that of game design. Through game play, students become creators versus consumers of media, using their writing as the foundation for design as a new method of publication.

Watch a video about the event over at the HISD blog.

Learn more about the Together with Tech conference here.

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