Traveling to a new place requires a certain amount of fearlessness. Luckily, WITS Writer Chris Cander thrives on new experiences. So when the Dostyk American International School in Atyrau, Kazakhstan invited her to become a writer-in-residence for a week, and teach creative writing to young expatriates between pre-K and 8th grade, Chris immediately said yes.

Chris Cander with the Pre-K and K youth, after creating “dictionaries” from interesting-looking words and imagining their meanings.

Chris, an avid traveler, knows that living in a foreign place can be an extraordinary experience that could be lost if it’s not mapped on the page. She designed lesson plans that would allow her students to reflect on the spaces around them, and returning to those reflections as they got older. Most of all, she encourages her students to not worry about the blank page. She wants her students to be “fearless writers” who are ready to brave it all.

Chris created a workbook for each grade level with room for poetry and prose exercises. At the end of the week, a celebration was held, with each student sharing a favorite piece with parents and teachers.

Find out more about Chris’ journey over at her blog.

Grades 1-2 write a group poem based on “heart maps.”

The final poem, shared at the celebration with parents and educators on Friday.



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