12 year WITS writer Eduardo Rodriguez-Solis got a bravo review from the New York Times last week for his play Las Ondas de la Catrina which is being performed in 28 locations in the New York metropolitan area in both Spanish and English.  Here’s an excerpt that reveals the spirit of the six tales that somehow make us laugh in the face of death:

As for the tales, they all have a lot to laugh at: the man who died of a bouquet, the drunk who drowned twice, the fat woman killed by the desire to diet, the peacemaker who assumed people in a fight really want peace, and the man who overdosed on a cheese taco.

But the one that tops the evening is a droll yarn about a television addict. From the roaches and a mouse that have taken over her unkempt house to the talking television set and a repairman who checks it out with the touch and the command to cough that doctors use to test for hernias, the characters are delightfully ridiculous. None is more so than the addict herself, whose hair comes into a wild life of its own just as she leaves hers with a little current jolt from the idiot box.

Congratulations, Eduardo, for keeping us all in stitches.

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  1. Eduardo Rodriguez Solis

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