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The New Jersey Council of Teachers of English invites submissions to its 2009 High School Writing Contest, “Celebrating the Voices of New Jersey.”   The contest is open to New Jersey students in grades 9-12. The submission deadline is December 15, 2008.

Students are invited to submit to the following contest categories:

Poetry (one poem)

Short Story (10-page max.)

Personal essay (5-page max.)

Personal essays must respond to the prompt: Where do you live?  Contest administrators offer this advice: Use descriptive language to give the reader a virtual experience of your world.  As you do this, let us hear your voice.  Share the thoughts, feelings, questions and concerns that arise out of your view of the world around you.  Bring your space – your town, your school, your home, your room, your web – to life for your reader.

Additional information about the contest (including a flyer and entry form) available at this site.

[art by boz lynn via flickr]

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