This April you can celebrate National Poetry Month through the Writers in the Schools (WITS) email campaign, A Poem a Day.

If you sign up, WITS will email  a child’s poem to you each weekday during the month of April. All poems featured in A Poem a Day are written and read aloud by WITS students in grades K-12. Sign up today and then share A Poem a Day with all your friends who appreciate the written word.

If you already subscribe to The WITS Blog, you know how inspirational it is to open your email or RSS feed each morning and be surprised by the words of children as young as 5 years. If you want to subscribe now, click here and click SUBSCRIBE.

Then, go out and celebrate poetry all month long!

  • Tune in to Houston’s KPFT 90.1 FM at 3:58 pm in the afternoons to hear a WITS poem read by a student from Johnston Middle School.
  • Click “Like” on your favorite poems.
  • Share them on FaceBook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
  • Write your own poem a day.
  • Shop at the new HEB Montrose or Buffalo Speedway. You will find poetry in all the right places.
  • Find poetry events in your neighborhood.

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