I am anything I want to be.
My arms are made up of the
seven wonders of the world.
My tears are tsunamis.
I have power beyond everyone’s
I invented the best creation
known to man: plastic.
If I went to lunch every day,
there would be no spoon
high enough for me.
I’m taller than the Twin Towers.
I invented you with the blink
of my eye.
When my first universe was
destroyed, I cried,
creating oceans.

With a tap on my watch, I can
decide how old you are.
I can create things at full speed beyond your wildest imagination.
I discovered light while doing an
I’m not what you think, but
at the same time I’m everything
you think.
The flag of your country is a
couple of pieces of my shirt.
I created superheroes. They work
for me and only me.
Math is something I thought of
with only one cell of my brain.
I am anything and everything I want
to be.

by Storie, 4th grade

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  1. Morty


    This is truly amazing! I love you so much and I am so very, very proud of you.


  2. Crystal

    This is wonderful. I hadn’t been feeling well these past few days, however reading this poem reminded me of all the positive things in my life.


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