I climb up the mountain all the time.
I see all the clouds, and I peek at the rain.
Where it snows every day, untamed and unpredicted.
I want to jump down this
mountain with glee, visit a place
I could always be,
and maybe glide down a hillside,
to where wild things play and stay up late.
I want to be one myself.
They do amazing things.
Their times are unlimited.
People here and there tell me don’t go there, but when I hear
those who are untamed, I go to see for myself.
I feel wind in my hair as I stand on the mountain,
blowing as soft as silk.
People sneer and jeer at those who are untamed,
but I say it’s fine.
And I’d like to be one who is untamed, too,
and run wild and crazy through the air
and strut around those I think are fair.

by Michelle, 3rd grade

Photo by Close to Home via Flickr

This poem is featured as part of the 2011 A Poem A Day campaign, a National Poetry Month celebration by WITS that features a different poem by a WITS student every day during April. Click on the logo  to learn more.

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