Oh, emerald green, you are slippery and wet
You tumble like the grass

Oh, emerald green, you whisper secrets in the night
You are like an emerald green window

Oh, emerald green, I can’t sleep without you
You glow in the night

Emerald green, I see you with my eyes closed
I feel you inside my head

You make me think of a twirling acrobat
You are bright and wild

You clap like thunder
You shake, rattle, and roll

Emerald green, I love you so much
You make me laugh, you make me cry.

by Trevor, 11th grade

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  1. Skylor (Briarmeadow)

    Oh flame red
    how I love the flaming redness
    along with the other pyro’s.
    Flame red how you hate the ocean blue.
    Oh flame red
    you keep me warm in the winter
    not like ocean blue {I’ll never do that again}.
    Oh flame red
    you may have burned thousands of homes
    and killed millions of people
    but emarald green still loves you.


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