Every year in April, WITS celebrates National Poetry Month with a campaign called A Poem A Day.  Starting this Wednesday, WITS will offer one poem written by a WITS student for every day.

* Receive the WITS poem every morning in your email.
* Bookmark this page and return when ready for inspiration.
* Add the WITS blog to your RSS feed reader.
* Leave comments on your favorite poems for the author to enjoy.
* Get the Poem a Day widget. Choose the look you like, and add it to your blog, website, or Facebook/MySpace page. It takes less than a minute to install.
* Request free bookmarks from WITS.
* Write a poem a day.
* Attend a live WITS event in Houston.
* Find poetry events in your own neighborhood.

Writers in the Schools (WITS) is supported by the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance, the Houston Public Library, and the Texas Commission on the Arts.

No Responses to “Get Your Poem a Day YOUR Way 2009”

  1. Peter Basso

    Everyday, in a poetic way, I make my play,
    being of the curious mind,
    I even almost always find the time,
    I write, and write, until it rhymes.
    One day my prose will fill the shelves of
    those whom dwell. What the hell, I wish them well.


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