I am the sky, I never die.
I fly so free, and I fly so high.
I never stop even if I try.
I love watching people go by.
I am so big, I can touch space.
I am up, up, and up over the clouds.
My pals Cloud and Sun are always with me.
I float all the time.
I am very strong.
I can be a multi-colored sky.
I am very friendly, “Hi!”
I help carry air from place to place.
I have the best view of the world.
I can sometimes dive into the deep blue sky,
But I can’t speak words.
I see lots of birds.
I am the sky!
I like my job.

by Jordan, 2nd grade

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  1. Stidmama

    Jordan, this is beautiful! What a lovely picture you have painted with words.


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