I can write from an arrow of fire of the cruelness of this world.

I can write from a sword of ice of all the cold hearted people in our earth.

I can write from a rainbow feather of the kindness of my people.

I can write from a flower burning but not dying,

because I know we will stand even on the ends of the earth.

I can write from a sword with the stabbing truth.

I can write from broken chains because even in times of slavery

I will let my people free.


By Christian, 3rd grade


Click the link above to listen to the poem read on KPFT radio by Donovan Williams, an 8th grader at Johnston Middle School For the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston. Faculty is Dr. Jose Rocha, Orchestra Director. The background music is “Aftermath” by Gregoire Lourme from www.jammendo.com. Produced by Susan Phillips.


Poem a Day is made possible in part by H-E-B Tournament of Champions, Copy.com, The City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance, Texas Commission on the Arts, and KPFT 90.1.

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