Before I was born,
my mom had a rabbit
that died for me to be born.
My dad wanted a thunderstorm
so when I woke I could see
my first rainbow.
On the day I was born,
my mom had drops of water
coming from her eyes. My dad
was so very happy to see
his first daughter.
When I was small,
I always held my lips
in the way I wanted to be kissed.
When I was little,baby-foot.jpg
I liked to scrunch up my toes.
Now I am eight,
and I am happy
to see the world.

By Isabella, age 8

[photo by 10 sec Rule. via flickr]

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  1. AuraGem

    This is such a beautiful memory. Love the double interpretation of the rabbit + Dad wanting a thunderstorm so you could see your first rainbow. Lovely sense of hope!



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