It happened all of a sudden like my life was ending in front of me.
Water rushing through the door like surfing on a beach.
Climbing in the attic like dogs starving for food.

We had to walk through dirty water with the wind raging in every person’s ear.
It bothered me and made me want to stop, but I did not give up.

Right now I’m in a safer place in Houston,
but every time I walk by the canals I can see all my family and friends
wading through the water and I cry.
Feels like a piece of my heart is still missing.

And every night I wonder if it will happen to me again,
But instead of living through it, I die.

by Destiny, 6th grade

5 Responses to “Mysterious New Orleans by Destiny”

  1. JP

    An amazing poem, intense and powerfully written. The poet is a very strong writer. I linked to the poem on my blog.

  2. stan ski

    Surviving disaster doesn’t always mean ‘problem over’. Coping with the effects of survival can be just as traumatic.


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