I’m turning nine,
but I still look back and see pictures of me.
I see pictures of my mom going on every field trip I had,
and in every picture I looked into, I saw my mom and me.
I stopped and looked at a picture of my mother and me on a swing.
I saw another picture that made me stop:
I was on a horse.

You tell me that it is too early to be looking back,
but that is because you have forgotten,
that it was very fun to do so many things that I can’t do now.
If you love kids and they ask you to play, think about what you felt
when you asked your parents to play with you.
When I was little I would always pretend I was a witch.

But now I am nine.
I ride bigger horses.
I swing with my legs free.
I’m going to pass up my mom sooner or later.

by Mariella, 4th grade

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