Listen to the shimmering dream season
Clash, storm, fire, compose,
Forget, break and burn, leap and smile
Whisper to myself, wishing life was gold and not sour
The heart of the sea possesses a deep vast roar.

A spring season frolic, hidden in a storm
Whispers to the twisted, swaying, gleaming mountain
The shimmering smoke causes trees to leap from the earth
Vast bliss in the shy moonlight of love
I smile gracefully as the smell of roses fill the air.

I scream and leap, forgetting to whisper,
Listen to the giggles of the moonlight in winter on earth

The stony smoke breaks and the crystal shines bright

A golden tree stares into the fire of bliss
While the shy lion prowls around the crushed mountain spring

I stare at the vast moonlight as it burns into dawn
My deep, sour life turns into a golden smile
Grace whispers in the bright frolic of a dream
The roaring sea rises in heartbreak
And the winter season is a time to compose love songs
In front of the fire

The mountains sway in sea air
Winter storms grace us with their whispered wishes
Terrorists try to break the strong earth with twisted fire
While the butterfly burns for a tree in a moonlit dream—
This is the season to smile and forget about being shy and hurt.

Collaborative Poem
by 11th and 12th graders

One Response to “Poetry Poker: A Moonlit Season (collaborative poem)”

  1. Trademark attorney

    It’s amazing how the lines play off each other and work really well with each other, even though they were each done by different people, the poem has cohesion as a whole.


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