If I’m bored at night I go out
to try and catch a shooting star.
I fly up into space like a rocket ship
and stick my tongue out
googolplex feet until I reach
the star belt and find a shooting star to eat.

When I slip in mud at school
I fly into space to use twilight
to clean it up. I carry a hat
and go to the moon. I see twilight
and fill my hat and put it on my head.
I am not done. I need the moon’s towel.
I get it dry like paper and stiff as wood.

If I had a smart hen
I would teach it to be my secretary.
It would answer my phone calls
and take messages while I am out.
I would not pay this creature because without
me it will be nothing
in space.

By Eleanor, age 9

video = 49 seconds

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