My mother talks like an angel.
My mother is the one who makes me food every day,
who gives me a kiss at night
and energy every day.
My mother is the one who paints
and draws with me in the morning,
the person who is always happy
when I have hundreds,
the one who says to me in Spanish
you are my treasure chest
and the person who asks me how was your day?
My mom is a person who has very long hair
like the tail of a pony,
and a person who likes to wear earrings and pink shirts.
My mom is the person who has the prettiest eyes
on the planet,
the person who goes to church and sings,
that’s the person I care about and love;
that’s my cool mom.

By Irma, age 9

(photo by Mngl via flickr)

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  1. whypaisley

    and in the eyes of a child.. there is no one more perfect than their mother… what a beautiful sentiment as seen thru the eyes of a child….


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