my mom
gives me shots
the chemo shots
so I’ll get better
she has to poke me
on the fat side of my arm
when she sees me get poked
she holds her breath
she’s so scared
she doesn’t want me jumping around
what if the needle breaks?

she is so scared
she hopes I will get well
I have two more months
soy amada
because I am almost done
with my chemo,
and I’ll go to Denver
though I’m a big chicken;
I’m scared of airplanes
my mom or my grandma
will sit close to me
to make me feel better
because soy amada.

by Elizabeth, 4th grade

6 Responses to “Soy Amada (I Am Loved) by Elizabeth”

  1. stidmama

    Elizabeth, I hope that you will get better soon so you can keep writing poetry.

  2. Diane

    My 15 yo daughter’s classmate gave her a button with this message on it
    for St Valentine’s Day. I recognized it as Spanish language, but was not exactly sure of the meaning. So, I “googled it.”
    Thank you for your poem.
    Not only are you a lovely poet, you are a very courageous and loving girl. Your family is obviously blessed by you.
    May God Almighty continue His blessings on you, and my family and I will ask God for a cure, and that He help your mom, doctors, and staff help you to get better again.
    Diane Geneseo, IL

    • Robin Reagler

      Thanks for this very lovely comment. I’ll forward it to my colleague at the children’s hospital. Maybe they will be able to forward it on to Elizabeth and her family.


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