2 wed, 27th

photo courtesy of pixabay

I am Swimming Music.

I am diving through the audience’s mind,

putting them into a dream of wonder.

I gather through the life of a harp.

I glide toward the heart, filling the melody.

I am a soul among water, among the things

I was made for. I charge in to a sea of personalities.

I am a moody window that opens into a spring day,

or a rainy cloud. I throw myself into souls

like an everlasting fountain.

I was formed by the living, for the living.

I am neither alive nor dead.

I am the breath of one who loves.


By Virginia, 3rd grade


Click the media player above to listen to the poem read on KPFT 90.1 and KTRU 96.1 by Donald, WITS Youth Advisory Council Member. The background music is “For My Mom by Exi Style. Produced by Susan Phillips.


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