Friday, 22nd #1

photo courtesy of pixabay

The sound of the beat fills my ears

I can’t believe it’s from my own hands


The stars shine in my face

as my fingers follow the music


The music is scarring my face with emotions

by my hands are being controlled by the guitar

it seems

not the other way around

the guitar will not let me stop


The stars in the ski

make my face shine


Yeah, my hands fly high

so fly like they never did before

birds in the floor

and the lizards

in the sky


By Ashley, 7th grade


Click the media player above to listen to the poem read on KPFT 90.1 and KTRU 96.1 by Tori, WITS Youth Advisory Council Member. The background music is “Vagabond” by The Kinky Fingers. Produced by Susan Phillips.


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Poem a Day is made possible in part by H-E-B Tournament of Champions,, The City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance, Texas Commission on the Arts, KPFT 90.1 and KTRU 96.1.

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