We are one nation, a federation of
people struggling to get an education
for graduation, patients and doctors
lost in contemplation because there is
no illumination. Without conversation
citizens live and work in desperation and
vote every day for liberation. We need to
stop the hallucinations and the wrongful
incarcerations, slamming people in jail,
making the innocent hurt for one mistake.
Wake up, America! It’s time for celebration,
for we are all one—a nation, a federation with
only one chance.

By Niocca, age 16

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  1. Sweet Talking Guy..

    Love the way this reads and rhymes. However, I’d change just one word in the last sentence, I’d change ‘a’ nation to ‘one’ nation because I feel that you need to bring the first line thought back in to endorse the wake-up call at the end.

    Very nicely written piece!


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