1 thurs, 21st

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Beauty is equal to living free in the air.

You’re a horse running faster than lightning,

Hitting the floor.

Your feet are a hammer hitting a tube.

Beauty comes from inside your heart.

Someone is stealing from you, and you forgive them.

Beauty is in nature.

Ducks are singing, air whispering, “Relax.”

Beauty is happiness.

You’re jumping with a colored unicorn.

Rain drops are candy.

You’re a cloud made out of cotton candy.

Beauty does not come from outside

But very nice on the inside.

It does not take anything to make a rose floating in the water.

Beauty is life.

Your heart is jumping in your chest,

Bumping over your skin, and it is a ball hopping.

By Viviana, 4th grade

Click the media player above to listen to the poem read on KPFT 90.1 and KTRU 96.1 by Rukmini, WITS Youth Advisory Council Member. The background music is “Clap Your Hands” by Jahzzar. Produced by Susan Phillips.


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